Tuesday, March 2, 2010


No.  One tiny word, just two common letters but oh so very powerful. A word that can bring relief or one that can bring defeat. Really, aren’t all words that way. They all have the power to excite you, to hurt you or even to change you.

Sometimes we throw them around as if they were harmless marshmallows when in reality they are very sharp – and sometimes dangerous - arrows. Arrows that we often times wish we could put back into our quiver.

Yet, on the other hand, words are meant to be used. They get better with use. We should fling them about with abandon; have fun with them. String them together to create interesting ideas. Put them to music and sing them. Try out unusual ones, or even make up new ones. Like bloggernacking! Do you bloggernack? Google it and see. Words are fantastic things! 

What an interesting juxtaposition!



  1. O.K. I am all set with your new blogspot..I had to edit the old icon in my favorites spot.which was a camera...and now you are a happy I can just click on your blogspot each morning. Glad the move went smoothly..hope you are happy in your new home! love, Audrey

  2. Glad you found your way! I would have missed you at coffee time! (-:

  3. Sandy,

    We are soooo on the same page today! I have updated you on my blog list! Have you heard from our Jane? I am worried about her. MIA for five days!

    MN seems warm to me compared to what we are enduring!!

    Stay warm!


  4. I enjoyed your 'word'posting....and I'm intrigued now about bloggernacking... will have to go and find out! Our family often makes up words if we can't find the 'right' one at the moment. I agree, words are fun!