Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ideas? Suggestions? Hints?

The care center in Iowa where our small lap quilts are being sent wondered if it was possible to machine embroider a short message on the quilts. (From Your Friends at the Lake Mills Care Center) They are going to use these quilts as Welcome Gifts for their new residents – an idea I like!

My sewing machine is a very basic Singer that doesn’t have that capability so I can’t do embroidery. But I am thinking that I could print that message on special fabric made for computer printers and attach those to the back of the quilts instead. Has anyone had any experience/luck doing this or maybe even a different method? I’d like to come up with a nice way to accommodate their request. Usually when I make a quilt, I like to cross-stitch a label for it, but I think that might take too long – although I might try one just to see. Any other suggestions or hints?


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  1. if it isn't much of a bother, I would try the print fabric first - as that seems to be an easier way.