Monday, March 29, 2010

Tiny Signs of Spring

We almost missed these little crocus.  They are so small and so buried in the rough that only today when they are just about spent did we notice them.  We shouldn't have just relied on our view from the window; we should have been walking down to the pond to check the changes up close. 

Of all the spring bulbs we've tried in the rough pond edge, only these tiny little crocus survive year after year.  I keep saying I'm going to plant more but I have yet to do that.  Because by fall, that area is so thickly overgrown it's almost impossible to plant anything.  But maybe this will be the year.  It's always fun to have flowers early like this.  And they sure are hearty - obviously much heartier than I am!


1 comment:

  1. I love this! Would you believe mine aren't up yet?? I still have snow drops struggling to come up! Below the mountain there are daffy's already. Mother sent me home with a lovely bouquet of them -- I love the eggs and butter ones best! So pretty! Thanks for sharing your bit of spring!