Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Sacred Journey by Charles Foster

The Sacred Journey: The Ancient Practices
by Charles Foster

In Chapter 2, The Kingdom Road: A Theology for Walkers, Charles Foster writes:

“You will struggle to find in the Gospels anything obviously analogous to conversion. One moment people are fishing, and the next they are following Jesus. They come, just as they are. They are immediately disciples. They start the journey. They don’t pray the conversion prayer; come along to church for a bit, and then do a discipleship course. They left their old lives behind and walked in the Jesus direction.”

“He says, ‘Come,’ and they come.”

I love the simplicity of that. Jesus simply wants us to walk in His direction; make the decision to follow His lead. There aren’t many rules and rituals beyond do as He does.

Of course journeying with Jesus isn’t easy. He walked and served among the least in society; those with real physical and emotional needs. He slept on the ground, washed in the rivers – no padded pews and fancy banquets for Him. But the actual deciding to follow him is not, nor should it be, a complicated and ritual laden endeavor.

We just need to get up and begin walking in His direction. That’s all he asks,  "Come and follow me."


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  1. What is it about our tendencies to make this more difficult than they need to be?

    It's to the point that we RARELY trust something, if it seems to easy.