Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Friendship Quilts

Friends are threads of gold in the quilt of life.

One of the lessons on quilt making that has stuck with me is the need for variety to create interest and depth. When selecting fabrics, we are to make sure our pieces – while being somewhat similar for our purpose – are also different in some way. Some busy, some solid, some tiny, some large, some light, some dark. It is in the play of the differences where the real beauty and dimension of the quilt is created.

And it is the same way with our friends. How flat our friendships would be if we were all cut from the same cloth. How much more fun it is to have friends of many different styles and colors. I am a tiny muted patterned print who doesn’t mind blending into the background at the edges of the quilt while my closest friends are splashy and colorful pieces who love to be in the center where the action is. It is our differences that define us and as we play off each other, a beautifully quilted friendship is created.

Happy Quilting!