Friday, March 5, 2010

He's Number One!

From my Lenten Devotional this morning:

“Emulate the Spirit this day, piping Jesus into the deserts of the world. Refresh the dying ones around you. While you’re at it, strap on one of those oversized sports fan’s gloves and point it toward Jesus!”

I love that imagery, piping Jesus into the deserts of the world. The writer (Marty Bullis) was talking about pipes – big pipes that carry water to dry lands. However, in my mind, I saw a cake decorator, piping frosting onto a cake. I like my image better! (And, yes, I do love cake!)

The image of the big sports finger, though, is one I can easily imagine. But I just don’t see myself as that outwardly exuberant of a fan yet. I would like to be – I hope to be - but I’m not there yet. I’m still a quietly “wearing a cute jersey” fan.   He's Number One!

Hope yours is a Rah! Rah! kind of day!



  1. Remember, there are different ways to “pipe” Jesus into the deserts (or icing onto the desserts). Sometimes the more subtle ways work better than the overt ones. Especially in this day and age where people aren’t so quick to outwardly express their spiritual beliefs. What you do this day, if you do it in the spirit you are piping the spirit. Like they say for writing: show, don’t tell. Let others see you in the spirit, what it looks like. Later, if you feel so bold, you can say “he’s number one!” But what a message to others if we could SHOW them why he is!