Thursday, March 4, 2010

Trying out Smilebox

I'm trying a 14-day trial of Smilebox so am experimenting with it a bit.  These are some photos from a day trip to Rochester Minnesota with our daughter.  (I think there is sound with this slideshow.)
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Rochester Trip

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  1. How cute! She is adorable and the little grandbaby is, too! Did she do the door art? Neat idea. I love the sweet venette. So pretty! Was it hard to do the slide show?

  2. The old door came "embellished". She fell in love with it last fall and has been saving her pennies to buy it ever since.

    Smilebox seems to be very easy to use and very easy to email to people or post on blogs and facebook. (I tried it both places.) I'm pretty impressed.

  3. I LOVE it all...such GREAT purchases and love the pics of the fam.That corner cabinet is great and I LOVE the door..that is so clever and such a neat very old door too!! I LOVE the picture you picked up and the pillow too...wish I lived closer to that store! Thanks for sharing the pictures...looks like you had a VERY fun day!