Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spotting Eagles!

This is how we saw the eagle soaring above us. And we were excited. We are in awe of these great birds and stop everything when we catch sight of one. We really couldn’t see every detail of this beautiful bird but we did see enough to know it was an eagle. And we got excited.

We grabbed our camera with the telephoto lense and tried to capture a better picture of him. This was as clear as we could see him with our lense. But, again, it was enough to know for sure it was an eagle. And, again, we were thrilled to catch this glimpse.

Isn’t this the way we see God? We may only catch glimpses of him; a sighting here, an encounter there. But we know it is Him. We know it is His hand we see at work in a situation. And we get excited!

The more we encounter these glimpses of God, the better we become at knowing it is Him we see. Just like knowing that the tiny speck in the sky is an eagle, we know that spiritual encounter, no matter how brief or subtle, is the hand of God.

And we get excited and we try to get closer!

May your day be filled with many special sightings.


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