Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hot Dog!!

Today, son Chris, daughter Jenn, son-in-law Marty and friends Ryan & Mike took to the streets of downtown St. Paul to serve freshly grilled hot dogs to those in need.  I'm quite certain Jim was right there with them serving in spirit while I ("Grandma") stayed and played with the kids.

200 piping-hot "dogs" were served to about 100 guests - along with chips and bottled water.  Additionally, clothing and other items were distributed as well.  This monthly outreach celebrated its one year anniversary today.  One year ago they arrived downtown with 10 pizzas and a case of water.  That bounty has grown dramatically over the year as friends and family are now involved. 

I'm so proud of these kids and what they are doing.  There is no red tape; no costly overhead; no expensive altar or adornments; just a group of young people with a car, a grill and a desire to serve others. 

God Bless their ministry!

Ryan, Chris & Marty

Christopher & Ryan

Chris & Jennifer

Chris, Ryan, Mike, Marty serving up Dogs



  1. Sandy,

    What a wonderful ministry they have and how blessed you are! Honestly, when I saw your daughter's pic on facebook, I thought it was you! You are very similar! (I hope she won't mind!) Do they have support of any group or is this their ministry alone?

  2. I gee, I wish I had known it was a monthly thing, I would have liked to contributed. Will they be doing it again in November? You must be very proud of your children Sandy. You and Jim did a wonderful job rearing them, to have such kind and caring children.

  3. Matty, my daughter is used to being told she looks like me - we're told that frequently. She pretty much takes it in stride now. (-:

    No, they don't have the support of any group - just their friends and family. It's pretty much their own project.

    And Jane, they do try to do it monthly - although they missed this August and Sept so it was nice to get back into the routine.

    This is the second time they have grilled hot dogs. Usually they bring hot pizzas - but grilling this summer has been fun.

    My personal favorite contribution is socks. Clean, dry socks are like gold to people living on the streets. They go like hotcakes!! (As do t-shirts and underwear.)

    January 2012 will be Blanket month. We are making it a point to collect clean dry blankets to distribute. Last January they had about 100 and they all went quickly. It gets pretty cold in January in Minnesota.

  4. WOw.... that's marvellous..... I hear too that dry socks are like gold on the streets.

    Blessings back to you all!

  5. Blessings for such a ministry of compassion and caring!