Monday, August 30, 2010

Nothing has changed!

December 19, 1955 - a half a century ago - C.S. Lewis wrote:

“I seem to have been writing Christmas letters most of this day! I’m afraid I hate the weeks just before Christmas, and so much of the (very commercialised and vulgarised) fuss has nothing to do with the Nativity at all.  I wish we didn’t live in a world where buying and selling things (especially selling) seems to have become almost more important than either producing or using them.”  Yours, Jack

Maybe one thing has changed.  It isn’t the weeks before Christmas; it is now the months before Christmas!  Also, I am taken with his opinion regarding the lack of regard for “producing or using” of things – which seems even more spot-on in our culture today.  Sadly, we seem to be best at simply acquiring things!


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  1. Oh don't I know the Cracker Barrel by us as Christmas decorations up already. like you say months now.
    I was funny when I drove school bus I didn't allow kids to sing christmas songs till after thanksgiving. To everything is a season. First we just be thankful I told them.