Friday, August 20, 2010

Be His!

“You ask ‘for what’ God wants you. Isn’t the primary answer that He wants you. We’re not told that the lost sheep was sought out for anything except itself. Of course, He may have a special job for you: and the certain job is that of becoming more and more His.”
C.S. Lewis, Yours, Jack

An entire industry and culture has developed around the question of what is our purpose in life; for what reason did God create us. We agonize over and search for some grand and worthy plan. Yet, as Lewis wrote in 1954, the answer is as simple as this: We were put here to be His. That’s all! Be His!


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  1. Why is it that we spend so much time trying to "find ourselves"? I nearly blow a gasket when I hear a young mother complaining that she needs some "me" time. What is that, anyhow? If one chooses to be a mother, then one chooses the commitment and sacriface. If we choose another path, we are choosing the consequences of that path. Why can't we be content to be what God guides??