Saturday, August 21, 2010

Morning Coffee at Kaffee Cup Cottage

My friend and I recently decided that we needed to name our homes as in the old English tradition. It just seems to add a level of character to a house if it has a special name. We both enjoy our homes and thought this would be a fun thing to do.

Audrey is a Master Gardener, has a beautifully designed flower garden and also lives in a bungalow style house, thus she picked, Blossom Bungalow. My residence now is a classic 80’s vintage townhome and doesn’t lend itself to any particular theme so we finally decided to go with my love of coffee coupled with my Scandinavian roots. Kaffee Cup Cottage is where I reside.

So stop in anytime at Kaffee Cup Cottage where the coffee is always fresh and the conversation engaging - or at least pleasant! And I know Audrey would be happy to entertain you in her garden at Blossom Bungalow.

And now I believe I will pour another cup of coffee and watch the pond a bit!  You have a great day, too!


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