Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Beauty is in the Banister.

On “religious Practices” Lewis wrote in a letter dated June 29, 1953:

“I wouldn’t quite say that ‘religious Practices help the search for truth’ for that might imply that they have no further use when the Truth has been found. I think about the practices what a wise old priest said to me about a ‘rule of life’ in general – ‘It is not a stair but a bannister’, i.e., it is, not the thing you ascend by but it is a protective against falling off and a help-up. I think thus we ascend. The stair is God’s grace. One’s climb from step to step is obedience. Many different kinds of bannisters exist, all legitimate. It is possible to get up without any banister, if need be: but no one would willingly build a staircase without them because it would be less safe, more laborious, and a little lacking in beauty.
C.S. Lewis, Yours, Jack

“…and a little lacking in beauty.” Absolutely!



  1. Nice metaphor! I have to read this book! Enjoy your lovely day!

  2. Happy Day............. always enjoy the thoughts C.S. Lewis shared through his writings and talks!

  3. PS. Did you ever see the movie, Shadowlands? It's about how C.S. Lewis met his wife, Joy Davidman. He was older already when they met, a confirmed bachelor. A beautiful story