Saturday, August 28, 2010

A 712 Page Challenge!

I have two new books at the top of my reading pile. One is an easy 226 pages long and the other is 712 pages.

My natural inclination is to grab the 226 pager and get started while reshuffling the 712 pager into another slot on my pile.  I have always avoided long books. In fact, it might be pretty safe to say that I have never ever read a really long book – other than maybe a text book. They just look totally insurmountable to me.

Now the reasoning side of me knows this is silly. What difference should it make if I read three average books or one very long book? But the feeling side of me just can’t seem to understand that. So I avoid long books like the plague, which is definitely my loss.

However in my current endeavor to go to places I’ve never been before, I am going to grab that huge 712 page book, with both hands, and take it on.  I know I have a fight on my hands – at least for the first 100 pages - but I am feeling up to the challenge. I think I can do it!

So with great fortitude and grit I now begin The Book of Abraham by Marek Halter!

(You’ll know how long it is taking me by how long it stays listed on the sidebar; hopefully it won't be there forever!)

Happy reading!!


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  1. I'm sure it will be so interesting you won't notice how long it is.