Friday, January 7, 2011

Morning Coffee - Without Reserve

January 7

“They who are God’s without reserve, are in every state content; for they will only what He wills and desire to do for Him whatever He desires them to do; they strip themselves of everything and in this nakedness find all things restored a hundred-fold.”

Streams in the Desert
By Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman

It might be good for me to pour a second cup of coffee and try to loosen my grip on a few “reserves”; I certainly have more than one hidden away in my tight little fist!



  1. Me too Sandy! It's not easy is it?


  2. Me too; this morning a person comes to mind that I just need to let go and let God work on them. Enjoy your 2nd cup!

  3. As you say Jane, it's not easy - but then I have to remember that it rarely is for something that brings such great reward.

    Thanks for your comments; I really appreciate them.