Friday, January 14, 2011

Morning Coffee - Merry Christmas Memories!

This is not - by any stretch of the imagination - a DYI, HGTV or Martha Stewart type blog but I did create a fun simple project last week that I am very happy with and thought I would share.   

One thing my family and friends know about me is that I LOVE a new notebook.  So, as is usually the case, I received two new ones as Christmas gifts.  Granddaughter Meghan gave me one that I am now using for my knitting notes and my friend Audrey gave me a Christmas themed one.

Matthew 2:10:  “When they saw the star, they were filled with joy.”

Using this notebook, I decided to make a simple record of our Christmas 2010 – and then continue with each Christmas hereafter.  Simple being the operative word here; very simple!  

First I made a bullet list of activities and highlights of our month.  I listed the Advent book I used, fun decorating ideas, cookies baked, gifts given/received and services attended.  Just quick little notes.

Next I created at my Walgreen’s photo store a 5 x 7 collage print of 7 or so pictures from our month.  I attached that to the page opposite my bullet list.  And presto I now have a permanent record of Christmas 2010.  Additionally I tucked in one of the greeting cards we sent this year and I may include a few other cards and photos received.

“Easy peasy” as my daughter would say.  Yet next December it will be fun to relive the events of this past Christmas and add to it memories of Christmas 2011 – and then 2012 and so forth!

I believe I’m going to pour another cup of coffee, grab one of Mom’s good sugar cookies and once again enjoy my memories of Christmas 2010!

Merry Christmas!



  1. That's a good idea Sandy! I wish I would have done that when the kids were small.


  2. I LOVE it!! What a cute idea..and perfect for the gal who loves new notebooks, computers, her camera and writing!

  3. Sounds like fun! That's almost like the old fashioned scrapbooks I did for a couple of years. One of our daughters is into the modern scrap booking and what amazing jobs these gals do with all these memories and photos. I usually grab her albums when I visit and it is so much fun to go through them. There are places on line that will make a book of one's blog! That sounds like fun too! Enjoy your 2nd cup!