Thursday, January 13, 2011

Morning Coffee - An Ordinary Day

"When we come to a crisis it is easy to get direction, but it is a different matter to live in such perfect oneness with God that in the ordinary occurrences of life we always do the right thing." 
~Oswald Chambers

Doing the right thing doesn’t come easily. In fact it takes a deliberate attitude of rightness to make good choices throughout the day. It’s so very easy for me to slip into the wrong reaction. That said, I believe I’ll refill my cup and consider the ordinary choices I’ll make in the very ordinary day that lies ahead – and pray that I keep a right attitude.



  1. Like having a joyful heart when you've plowed snow for the third day in a row? LOL!


  2. I can relate! I feel like every day I trek to the bird feeders I have to make a path all over again.