Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Morning Coffee - Refocusing!

"Don’t weigh yourself down with responsibilities that are not your own. Instead, make your relationship with Me your primary concern.  Rather than trying to fix everything that comes to your attention, ask me to show you what is truly important."

Sarah Young
Jesus Calling

Why do I think I need to restore order and rightness to every out-of-kilter situation I encounter?  Why do I stew and fret about things I can’t control.  Planning can certainly be a good and responsible thing to do – but not if it gets in the way of my relationship with God.  My prayer for today is that I let go of those situations that are crowding my thoughts and sapping my energy and fully trust that God has everything under His control.

Time for that second cup of coffee while I refocus my thoughts for this day.



  1. Just follow your heart, Sandy!

  2. Do you know how many people I've been coming across who truly need to hear this message.. the word from Sarah Young?

    I'm grabbing your url and forwarding it to friends so they can come and read it for themselves.

    Blessings Sandy............

  3. What a good reminder, Sandy! We get so busy that we forget that we need a little time with Jesus to make things right -- as the old song says.

    I have been trying to rise an hour early just for some quiet time. I do fairly well most days with it, but sometimes, the warmth of the bed makes it difficult to do! LOL Then, I just lay in bed and chat with God!