Friday, November 25, 2011

Morning Coffee - Preparing for Advent

The Miraculous Journey
Anticipating God in the Christmas Season
Marty A. Bullis

Selected from the Introduction:
Christmas is coming … a season of arrivals!  Friends will come to our homes; grown children will return to their parents to celebrate and feast.  Physical objects will get caught up with us in the movement – trees tied in place, stockings will be hung, and presents start appearing.

Christ entered the world in motion: traveling to visit Elizabeth while in Mary’s womb, journeying to Bethlehem to be born, visiting Jerusalem with His parents weeks after His stable birth, and fleeing to Egypt to avoid King Herod’s wrath.  Yet this child, this Word-made-flesh, brought stability into a tumultuous world.

As we gear up for motion this holiday season, as we prepare for all the arrivals, stability awaits us in the life of Christstability in motion.

Searching for and counting on the stability of Christ in my life seems to be my personal theme right now.  During these past 3 months since Jim’s passing I have been shown just how rock-solid His presence is and just how constant His help.  I think this will be a good study for me this Advent Season.

I think I’ll pour another cup of coffee and make a count of His infinite blessings in my life.


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  1. I'm so happy that you are finding solace in your faith Sandy! Bless you!