Thursday, November 3, 2011

Morning Coffee - My Wind Break

“The chiefest values in life and character are not blown across our way by vagrant winds.”
Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman

In reading my Streams in the Desert devotion this morning, this one sentence really grabbed my attention.  How often I find myself going through my day on auto-pilot, - giving little attention to my actions and reactions - just letting the “vagrant winds” of the day blow me around. 

This is not how I will learn to grow. Not at all!  Living intentionally is the only way to build up my Christ centered values and character.  And to do this, I need to make it a point to stay in the presence of God every minute of every day.  I need to let Him become my break against all vagrant winds.

I believe I will pour another cup of coffee and then make sure God is my buffer for the day ahead.  



  1. I feel like the vagrant winds have been distracting me this entire year, Sandy. Can't believe it is already November. I believe it is because I've had so many appointments with doctors, dentists and contractors this year. I have a few more weeks of all this foolishness and then I'm going to hibernate and just be in the presence of Him.

  2. It's funny how all those to-do items on our calendar crowd out the important part of our lives. I keep thinking how nice it would be to have one solid week to do nothing but read, study and contemplate in total quiet - without appointments or phone calls. I guess that's why people go on retreats! Sounds awfully appealing right now!

  3. As always, you cause us to pause.... keep sharing those wonderful words with us. They are light and life.....