Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Ice Luminaries - Repost

I've been thinking about starting to make my Christmas Ice Candle Luminaries.  I posted about these once before - but I think it's been a couple of years so thought I would mention them again.  These big ice globes are so easy to make yet are so naturally pretty.

My little freezer is pretty empty so I have lots of room to store these until Christmas Eve and while I won't have my official Candle Lighter to give them a good start, I may just count on him to keep them lit through the Christmas night.

Here are the directions in case you want to try them.

Supplies Needed:

1 Ice Cream Pail – or something similar
1 large balloon

Attach your balloon to your facet and fill with water until the balloon fills the bucket.

Blow into the balloon to flatten out the top of the water and tie off the balloon.

Put the bucket containing the filled balloon into your freezer for about 14 hours - or until you have solid frozen walls but still a liquid center.  Remove bucket and pop the balloon.

Using a screwdriver or small hammer, poke through the top of the ice making a hole large enough to allow the lighting of the candle.

Pour out the remaining water and remove from bucket. 

Just add a candle and Ta Da! You now have a beautiful luminary for Christmas Eve.

(Obviously they can be frozen outside too, if it’s cold enough. But the freezer gives you a constant temp and therefore, a constant freezing time for easier planning.)




  1. Fabulous! We make these in the YARD when we have SNOW Like Today! I love making them and seeing them glow in the soft evening light. Such a special special feeling comes from them!

    I can't wait to try these! Enjoy!

  2. We make these too Sandy! They are so pretty. Reminds me, I've got to start mooching for ice cream pails. I'm sure Jim will be looking down on them from Heaven and will be smiling! I'm sending you a hug. Do you feel it?