Thursday, February 3, 2011

Morning Coffee - My Spiritual Career

In Mrs. Cowman's devotion for this morning I encountered this phrase: “a soul’s spiritual career”. Now I’ve never before thought in terms of my soul having a career but I like the idea.

A career is defined as one’s calling in life; a person’s occupation or their profession; or their work and goals over their lifespan. And isn’t that what my soul’s “spiritual career” should be? A life’s calling; my major occupation; a goal to pursue. Something I work hard at and try to advance in. Something I put first and invest time and resources in.

Time for a refill and some honest analysis of just how my spiritual career is progressing. Would I deserve a promotion?



  1. What an interesting term: “a soul’s spiritual career”. Perhaps instead of looking to our earthly career first, we should tend this one??

  2. You're spreading the Gospel through your blog. You've earned a crown in Heaven. Isn't that better than a promotion?

  3. Every promotion carries with it greater responsibilities and opportunities to serve others. May we always be about the business of serving others in greater measure, giving glory to the One who enables us. Good thoughts! Had breaky 2 hrs. ago and should get a 2nd cup now!