Thursday, February 10, 2011

Morning Coffee - Accounting my Stitches

One thing I’ve discovered while learning to knit on teeny tiny needles is that one little dropped stitch can be a huge problem in the blink of an eye.  While a large, easy to see, stitch moves slowly and is easily retrieved, those tiny little size 2 needle stitches unravel down your project with lightening speed.  And working them back up through the unwoven yarn, to make your piece whole again takes time and concentration and more than a little skill. 

It sort of reminds me of life and my own personal “dropped stitches”.  The big obvious things I seem to catch and rectify quickly before any real harm is done.   But it’s those little missteps – the ones that seem to fly under my radar – that can get out of control quickly, cause real harm and ultimately need lots of work to restore.   
Time for a second cup of coffee and an accounting of my stitches.



  1. Lovely thought! And beautiful sock! Are you enjoying knitting them??

  2. Amen to that Sandy! Is that self-patterning yarn? Pretty! Reminds me of a meadow.

  3. It is, Jane, and it is so fun to knit and see what color and pattern emerges next. I can see I will have trouble keeping my yarn stash to a reasonable amount.

  4. Great analogy - and a beautiful pattern.