Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A 712 Page Challenge - Update

An update on my reading of The Book of Abraham by Marek Halter - which I first posted about here.  

I am currently on page 432 of this 700+ page tome. As I began my reading while it was still August, you can see I am moving very slowly through the story.  But what a rich story it is!!!  

 I am not an intellectual – by any stretch of the imagination – so my journey through this historical novel barely scratches the tale’s surface.  Yet I love it! If you are at all interested in the history of the Jewish people and the Jewish religion, this is a wonderful book to read.  A five star book, for sure!



  1. Did you get this through Book Sneeze? I haven't read any for them in a few months -- just too busy.

    Are you quilting? You are nearly done! Wow! I am so impressed!

  2. I found this book at a Garage Sale this summer. My next Book Sneeze book to read is LEE - A Life of Virtue (From the Generals series.) Not sure when I'll get to that one.

    As for my quilts, I committed to 5 per month for the Care Center so I'm trying hard to stick to that commitment. Now it has almost become part of my routine instead of a "project".

    I still owe my participation in this project to you and your challenge. Otherwise I'd still be talking about doing it!! So Thanks!!

  3. This sounds very interesting............... you are brave to tackle such a project. Glad you are taking your time to enjoy and savor!