Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time to Think and Pray

 Brenda, of the blog It's a Beautiful Life sent me this after reading the quote I posted earlier about taking time to watch the leaves change.

"I was reading in a little pretty book I own something that says something similar.  I just read it this morning..."

"Mother Schaefer has a yard full of leaf-shedding trees, and she picks up every leaf unaided in spite of her sons' repeated protests. . . 'They just don't understand.'  (She explains.)  'My basket and I want to do the job."

'You see, this life's just too busy nowadays.  Everybody's busy rushing someplace so they can get back in time to rush someplace else.  They want me to join this and that; they want me to go here and go there.  It's all very nice, but they don't give me any time to think... I need to sort things out, to think them over and then talk about them---with God.'

Even as she explained, the fragile little lady knelt and kept on with the work she loved so well.... She rubbed each leaf against her pale cheek as if to feel each tiny vein.... Then for a moment she closed her eyes, and I knew it was in prayer."

June Masters Bacher
Quiet Moments for Women
(this piece was found in "The Charm of Simple Things", editor Terri Gibbs, (c) 1998v)

Thanks Brenda! 



  1. Sandy, it's always a treat to visit you.

    My favorite part of this excerpt was the sentence "Everybody's busy rushing someplace so they can get back in time to rush someplace else." Ain't that the truth!

    I think this Mother Schaefer knew what's what!

    Enjoy your day.................

  2. You two hit it on the head. We do rush too much! Ah, to sit and think a while.

    Enjoy this lovely fall day!