Monday, July 26, 2010

Morning Coffee - Leveling Up!

One of the main goals of playing FarmVille (a computer farming game) is to gather points and thus be able to move up from one level of farming to the next. “Leveling up” is what this is called in the roll playing game world. As you level up you gain more knowledge of the game which in turn makes you a stronger and more powerful player. Making and marking that progress is what keeps you engaged.

Kirk Byron Jones, in his book, Morning B.R.E.W. asks, “Do you have a sense of ‘leveling up’ in life? Expect and explore raised levels of awareness, energy, creativity, and wonder. Consciously level up; grow in strength, with purpose and with passion. Give yourself permission to be strong and stronger. Do not fear your strength but leap towards it.”

At his suggestion I believe I will pour another cup of coffee and plan some “leveling up” strategy for today! I will measure and mark my progress and challenge myself to reach for higher and higher levels. I will stay engaged and play to win!

I hope you have a fun and challenging day, too!


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