Friday, July 16, 2010

He Will Always Break Out!

From the New York Times
July 15, 2010:
“The Vatican issued revisions to its internal laws Thursday making it easier to discipline sex-abuser priests but caused confusion by also stating that ordaining women as priests was as grave an offense as pedophilia.”

"At a news conference at the Vatican, Msgr. Charles Scicluna, the Vatican's internal prosecutor in charge of handling sexual abuse cases, explained the change on women's ordination in technical terms. 'Sexual abuse and pornography are more grave delicts; they are an egregious violation of moral law,' Scicluna said in his first public appearance since the sex abuse crisis hit. 'Attempted ordination of women is grave, but on another level, it is a wound that is an attempt against the Catholic faith on the sacramental orders.'

"The revision codifies a 2007 ruling that made attempting to ordain women an offense punishable with excommunication. The new document said that a priest who tried to ordain a woman could now be defrocked."

From Jesus Manifesto by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola

“Christianity centers not on points, principles, and proposition, but on a person and a people.”

“Therefore Christianity has nothing to do with our vaunted religious subjectivity, and everything to do with the greatness of God’s gift of Himself in the first-century Jewish rabble-rouser named Jesus of Nazareth.”

“Christ is too immense, too imponderable, too alive to be tied into any immovable system of thought constructed by finite humans.”

“He will always break out!”


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