Friday, April 1, 2011

Almond Blossom Journal - Brenda's Giveaway

Brenda, who writes at It's A Beautiful Life , is giving away this beautiful Almond Blossom Journal (photo by Brenda).  Visit her inspiring and uplifting web site and enter her giveaway. 

How great to begin Spring with a brand new beautiful Journal to record your thoughts and dreams.



  1. My son Todd and I were talking about keeping a diary the other day. We are living in such interesting times.

  2. I've just started journaling in the past few years - or maybe "jotting" is a better word.

    Most often my scribbles are about my thoughts of the day but when you mention our "interesting times", I think maybe I should add comments about our current social and political culture, too.

  3. Hey thanks Sandy, for posting the giveaway.

    I was so excited to find that journal... I bought one for myself too, as I just loved the cover. I really spoke life and joy to me.