Saturday, April 2, 2011

Morning Coffee - Counting Silver Linings

"They looked … and behold, the glory of the Lord appeared in the cloud" (Exod. 16:10).

“Get into the habit of looking for the silver lining of the cloud and when you have found it, continue to look at it, rather than at the leaden gray in the middle.”

“All the marvelous attributes of the Godhead are on the side of the weakest believer, who in the name of Christ, and in simple, childlike trust, yields himself to God and turns to Him for help and guidance.”

Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman
Streams in the Desert
It can be so easy, if we are not vigilant,  to let grayness seep into our daily outlook when in reality there are abundant silver linings. Time to refill my cup and tally all the silver linings in my life today.



  1. Is it a silver lining, to see the grayness and letting yourself wallow in it by using it as an excuse not to do all those horrible chores that need tending to? Like cleaning the bathroom?

  2. Sounds like an interesting theory, Jane. (-:

  3. Oh, the grayness that wants to control my life when the weather outside is gray! The sunshine melts away all the gray - it totally amazes me. So also my focus on the Son helps melt away the gray and may get me to see an overcast sky perhaps as 'being wrapped in a silver fleece blanket,' - the way my daughter looks at it!

    Blessings for a silver lined week-end!

  4. "being wrapped in a silver fleece blanket"

    I like that Karin!!

  5. We were talking about this at work Thursday -- how toxic people can make you toxic, too! I like the silver wrapped day, myself!

    Glad Mom is better!

  6. It's really simple to turn gray into silvery....but sometimes we forget to do it.

    Thanks for the lovely thoughts.......