Thursday, March 31, 2011

Updates and Daffodills!

In my previous post, I designated Saturday March 26th, (“Make your own Holiday” day) "Mom is out of ICU and soon to be home again Day".  And it was the perfect designation.  Mom did indeed come home from the hospital last Saturday. 

After learning just how critical a low sodium level can be, we are now more aware of watching salt intake – not just too much but also to make sure it is enough.  We learned this  issue a hormonal one and more often affects older women.  Once she received enough sodium - slowly over two days - she returned to her old self and was ready to head home – with a much wiser family in tow!


Additionally, our snow is just about all gone and all the daffodils Jim carefully planted for me last fall are finally breaking through the ground!!  Spring has sprung in Minnesota!!

Halleluiah, again!! 



  1. Rejoicing with you at your great report of your mom's return to health! I have a cute story about sodium intake. One of our residents, over 100 yrs. old, was being chided by the dietitian about using too much salt. Seems she liked to sprinkle the white stuff on everything - liberally. She would eat everything though and really enjoyed her food. The rest of the staff were not in agreement with the dietitian and kept saying, "It's the salt that has kept her well and aging so gracefully. Just leave her be!" The doctor agree with us! I believe she died at age 105!! Good to have balance in all things! Many more years of good health to your mom!

  2. Glad to hear that your mom is home again! The snow's receding here also. Can't wait to see the daffodils blooming that we planted in the back forty.

  3. Cute salt story, Karin! Wow, at 100, I'd leave her alone, too!

    I've decided that when I feel confused and sluggish, I'm reaching for the Potato chips (one of my favorite foods) because I must "need" sodium! That will eliminate any quilt from eating junk food. (-:

    Jane, wonder whose daffodils will bloom first!! Mine are only 1-2 inches out of the ground.

  4. Good news about your mom!!

    Funny thing about this whole salt thing.... we've been watching our salt intake (as they all say to do). But during the winter time, I couldn't get enough of the new Triscuit cracked pepper crackers. I went through them by the boxsful for a couple months.

    And then it was over. I've had no craving for them since. So I was wondering if I'd been lacking sodium too. I don't have the craving anymore.

    So once again, it's looking for the balance and moderation in all things.

    On a sweeter note... loved your daffy pic! That's a 'for sure' sign of spring. So far no sign of it here, as we're still knee deep in snowbanks. But it's coming.. today it's been sunny.

  5. Thank God your Mom is herself again! Hooray!

    We have daffys AND snow.... Yeah. bleh! LOL

    How are the socks???