Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where is your Olivet?

“If I have found grace in thy sight, show me thy glory.” Exodus 33:13

"Who has not in moments of meditation and prayer caught a glimpse of opening gates? Who has not in the secret place of holy communion felt the rush of some white surging wave of emotion – a foretaste of the joy of the blessed?

"The Master had times and places for quiet converse with His disciples, once on the peak of Hermon, but oftener on the sacred slopes of Olivet. Every Christian should have his Olivet. Most of us, especially in the cities and towns, live at high pressure. From early morning until bedtime we are exposed to the whirl. Amid all this maelstrom how little chance for quiet thought, for God’s Word, for prayer and heart fellowship!"

Streams in the Desert
By Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman

I have a chair that has become my Olivet. Early each morning I sit there and enjoy my first cups of coffee. I read the morning paper – and then I read a devotional, pray and write. Over time, this chair has grown to symbolize “quiet time”. Amidst the business of the day, I can take a cup of coffee – and often a piece of chocolate - and sit in this chair and immediately feel a sense of calm and restoration; my whole outlook seems to change. Some might think it just the coffee and chocolate -- but I know it is so much more than that!



  1. I, too, have a favorite chair that is my refuge! It is the one place in the house that is all mine. When I purchased the chair, I had been like Goldilocks. Every chair was sat in, knitted in and then read in to be sure it was The Best. LOL

  2. Yup, have my favorite chair too - where I can put up my feet! A special place!