Monday, November 22, 2010

Poetry Book Request

We selected an ornament from the Ronald McDonald tree at our favorite McDonald's.  I loved this young 18 year old's  request for a poetry book.  However now that I have the ornament home and need to pick something out for her, I don't have a clue what to look for.  I was never much of a literature student; math and science were more my thing so I am really at a loss as to what would be a great choice for an 18 year old.  Any suggestions from you writers and English teachers  - or anyone who has a favorite?? (I hate to admit it but I do believe the only poetry book I own is Where the Sidewalk Ends!)



  1. How old is she, Sandy??

    Depending on the age, any of these would be good:

    Samuel Taylor Colerige (19th c. English Romantic)
    Mary Oliver (American Naturalist -- contemporary)
    Khalil Gibran -- (Middle Eastern -- early 20th c)
    Walt Whitman (American Romantic -- mid-to-late-19th c.)
    Marianne Moore (American Imagist -- mid-20th c)


    as you mentioned Sendak rocks! LOL

    If you know her age, maybe I could make some other recommendations.... I can't wait to see what others suggest!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Matty. The young lady is 18 years old.

    (And I may just keep your list for myself. Sadly, I know the names but not their works.)

  3. I remember when I was 18 that one of my favorite poetry books was The Prophet by Khalil Gabrin. It's just the thing for a girl that is romantic enough to request a poetry book for Christmas. Now days my taste runs toward Robert Frost and I love Ogden Nash. Read this little ditty yesterday: Sally Rand needs an extra hand. (Sally Rand was a famous "bubble" dancer in the 20s and 30s. Oh! and Dylan Thomas is wonderful, perhaps you can find an inexpensive copy of A Child's Christmas in Wales for an added present. Purely lyrical! I seldom write anymore, so if I don't write again before the holidays, Merry Christmas, Sandy!


  4. So good to hear from you Jane! Thanks for the suggestions.

    Since both you and Matty suggested Khalil Gabrin, that's who I will go with. And your added suggestion of A Child's Christmas in Wales sounds like a good plan, too! Maybe I'll have to buy 2 copies of each; one for Kaitlyn and one for me!

    Merry Christmas to you, too, Jane!! (And stay warm! One of the first posts of yours I read was about changing out some of your window coverings for flannel. I loved that idea and used it on my porch! Now I need to get that flannel out again.)