Friday, November 5, 2010

Morning Coffee - Savoring Fellowships

On the last page of the devotional, Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman is an invitation to join the “Streams in the Desert Prayer Fellowship”.

The reader of the book is invited to send her name and address to a "Los Angeles" address and in return she will receive a Membership card “admitting [her] into a fellowship with thousands of readers who pray daily for one another”. She will also receive each issue of the Streams in the Desert Fellowship Letter. (Don’t you wish you could read one of those letters? Can’t you just imagine the excitement on the day the letter arrives in her mailbox?)

This is such a good reminder of how lucky we are today to have the internet and all it provides for us; all of the wonderful blogs, websites and connections that sit at our finger tips just waiting to encourage, inspire or entertain us.

But I wonder who savors their “fellowship” more – Mrs. Cowman’s friend who waits patiently and expectantly for her monthly letter to arrive or someone like me who grabs a few minutes of reading time whenever I pass by my computer; Mrs. Cowman’s friend who, when her fellowship letter does arrive, reads and rereads it (many times I suspect) or someone like me who flits from piece to post, barely staying put for more than a minute or two.

This will be interesting food for thought over my coffee today!



  1. I miss the paper form of communication, don't you? As an English teacher, I think a great deal about the paper trails left by those before us. Now, how will people know about our lives, thoughts and feelings? The Internet sort of kills it, doesn't it??

  2. What a lovely posting, Sandy! Food for thin'ing on!

    I was just thinking about the paper world the other day. I used to write lots of cards and letters. I always did it knowing my own delight of finding something in the mailbox other than bills and junk mail.

    I love the immediacy of blogs and e-mail and other social media, but there is something missing too... just as Matty says....

    So thanks for more food for thought on the subject... I think I'll go, as you do Sandy, and make a pot of fresh coffee!

    Happy Day........

  3. You both are so right!! We all used to be so excited when the mail came because there was the real possibility of there being a card or letter from someone. Not the case anymore!!

    And the paper trail, as Matty said - what a loss!