Saturday, June 19, 2010

Morning Coffee - And Opportunity!

I’ve been struggling with a personal decision in the past few weeks. I’ve looked at the pros and cons of the situation from almost every angle I can think of; and because of the overly analytical type person I am, I’m still in the throes of that debate. Is this opportunity before me one I should accept.

So this morning this situation became the focus of my devotional time. I prayed for a sign – but then immediately qualified the request acknowledging that maybe “a sign” was more than I should need. Maybe, instead, He could just grant me the wisdom to discern His path for me. Amen!

I ended my prayer and opened my devotions. And read Galatians 6:10

10Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. (NIV)

There was that word, opportunity!  And a very clear directive from God.  “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good…” 

All of the roadblocks I have created in this decision making have been centered in me; my wants, my feelings, my life. Yet in this verse God is clearly telling me that if I am given an opportunity to do good, there is no alternative.  Take the "me" out of a situation and the path becomes clearer.

So I think I’ll pour another cup of coffee and make plans for my new opportunity!

Enjoy your day, too!



  1. Your story reminded me of my mother's story. She told me when my grandparents were presented with the idea of adopting her they already had a happy life without children and didn't know if they were doing the right thing by changing everything and adopting my mother, so they opened their bible to wherever it fell open and pointed to a verse and it read, "and the little children shall lead them", and found the answer to their prayers and their lives..and my mother's were changed forever...and what a RIGHT decision that was!!! I have my grandma's old bible and she wrote that story on the inside cover. You'll make the right decision too! love, Audrey

  2. I had forgotten about that story, Audrey! I love it. And the very best thing that came out of that decision is YOU!!!!!!!!! Love, Sandy