Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Perfect Harmony!

This morning I finished reading of The Reflective Life by Ken Gire. This was a helpful and inspiring book for me; I found lots to digest and apply to my daily life. I also really enjoyed Gire’s lyrical writing style. I especially thought his final chapter – The Harvest of the Reflective Life – was beautifully expressed.

“When we come together as Christians, united by our love for God and for our neighbor, that is when we will be in harmony with the melody of the Father’s heart.”

“So until Jesus returns, we sing.


“In harmony.

“And when at last He apprears, the most passionate notes we have sung here on earth will seem only the humming of a prelude. And we will discover, some of us maybe for the first time, that the sad and sometimes somber notes of our lives here on earth were in fact the deep, visceral strains of a great, heavenly symphony.”

What a promise! Certainly one to sing about – in harmony!
Enjoy your day and sing, sing, sing!



  1. What a beautiful pictures he writes..... I love the line "the most passionate notes we have sung here on earth will seem only the humming of a prelude."

    Reminds me of something Sir Winston Churchill said about his art paints. He really hoped that in heaven yellow would turn out to be the dullest colour, meaning that there were colours we haven't even dreamed of yet to excite any artist's heart.

    And now the muscian's heart.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Mmmmm....I think your rhythm's back.......... (smile)

  2. PS. I'm posting your link to this posting on my Facebook.... more need to read this!