Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morning Coffee

Those of us who allow the hand of God to carve away what doesn't belong will eventually find ourselves free to be 'clearly ourselves'.  Brenda L.

What a wonderful promise to contemplate over morning coffee  as we head into the day before us! 

Thanks to Brenda for leaving that thought on this blog.  Visit her own blog at It's A Beautiful Life for more inspiration.



  1. We struggled with whether or not to make coffee this morning on campus. We did. Something about sitting with a cuppa and visiting a few minutes makes life so sane, doesn't it?

    Look at you! You are more than halfway through your project list! Wow! I am so inspired! Two more weeks of classes and I am free free free!

  2. I did go crazy with my quilts last month but now we've settled into a routine of 5 per month. So maybe I'll pick up the needles again and make some more mittens. I did find that to be relaxing.

    Good luck with your last two weeks!!