Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bean Bags and Morning Glories!

This photo is for those of you who have followed my progress on these simple bean bags for my almost 2 year old Granddaughter, Addie. This was a very simple project, yet it seemed to take me forever. I found that I was constantly tending to my “Farm” and not staying on task.

In my defense, I do have a fairly large spread where I have planted and harvested plots and plots of Daffedils, Tulips, Lentils, Pumpkins and Morning Glories. I have 20 chickens, 20 cows and 20 horses – all needing daily attention, not to mention all the neighbors I have who need help with their chores. This isn’t easy, that's for sure!!

So I may have to give up my farm. If I have to struggle to find time to make 15 small bean bags, between farm chores, it might be time for the farm to go.

But, darn, it is so fun!!


  1. How funny you are! This past weekend, when I returned from my trip, Don announced, "This is too much for one person!" (meaning the farm). I replied that I did it alone every day. His response, "You're used to it."

    I am still not over it! LOL

    I love the bean bags! What a clever idea! I have a little person in my life who would love 'em! Are you doing a tic-tac-toe flip board for them? I am eager to know!

  2. I hadn't thought of the tic-tac-toe board but that might be a project for Grandpa!

  3. You are SOoooooooo not frumpy!!! Don't ever think are cute as a button!!! Love the bean bags..they turned out SO can do all kinds of things with those as Addie gets older...don't forget the big rage right now..Corn Hole!!! love, Audrey

  4. I can have my "Mafia" take care of those pesky neighbors . . . :)

  5. If you do, I'll buy lunch at the "Cafe"!