Thursday, September 29, 2011

Morning Coffee – Golden Rays of Light

Two quotes from today’s devotion in Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.   

“I am with you and all around you, encircling you in golden rays of Light.”

“The human mind is the pinnacle of My creation, but so few use it for its primary purpose – knowing Me.”

Both thoughts are reassuring and very helpful to me. 

Doesn’t encircled in “golden rays of Light” feel both comforting and energizing at the same time?  I love the thought of my going through my day this way, encircled in an aura of golden rays of Light.

And the second thought helps keep me focused on my #1 purpose in life - using my mind for knowing God better.  That’s it!  In a nutshell!  Whatever I do today – use it for knowing God better.  I love succinct thoughts and this is as succinct as it gets.  If I use my mind for this ultimate purpose, everything else will fall into line.  This is where it all begins. 

I believe I’ll pour another cup and seek His all-encompassing rays of Light this day.



  1. Don't you think the golden glow of autumn feels like "golden rays of Light", Sandy? That's why I always call a sunny day in fall a benediction day. You can feel God's face shining down upon you. I need to sharpen my mind for Him. Been studying the Bible and going back and cross referencing different passages makes my head swim. I so admire those that have the Bible memorized.

  2. Jane, I liked that term "Benediction Day" when you mentioned it in your recent Fall post. It is just the perfect description of a sunny Fall day.

    I admire those of you who REALLY study the Bible in-depth. I'm afraid I have to admit I've never read the Bible cover to cover. Some day I hope to - but haven't yet.

    Hope your enjoying a Benediction Day - it's sunny here but VERY windy.

  3. Sarah does expand in her own words what is written in the Bible. Love that Jesus is the Light of the World!!