Monday, September 12, 2011


James Meyer
April 30, 1942
September 3, 2011

The Blue Flannel Shirt
by Edgar A. Guest

I am eager once more to feel easy,
I'm weary of thinking of dress;
I'm heartily sick of stiff collars,
And trousers the tailor must press.
I'm eagerly waiting the glad days--
When fashion will cease to assert
What I must put on every morning--
The days of the blue flannel shirt.

I want to get out in the country
And rest by the side of the lake;
To go a few days without shaving,
And give grim old custom the shake.
A week's growth of whiskers, I'm thinking,
At present my chin wouldn't hurt;
And I'm yearning to don those old trousers
And loaf in that blue flannel shirt.

You can brag all you like of your fashions,
The style of your cutaway coat;
You can boast of your tailor-made raiment,
And the collar that strangles your throat;
But give me the old pair of trousers
That seem to improve with the dirt,
And let me get back to the comfort
That's born of a blue flannel shirt.



  1. What a special poem! Jim is someone who left this world too early - but God is in control and HE alone has the answers.

  2. Dear Sandy,

    I am so sorry. Please know that although your grief is numbing at the moment, eventually you will be able to smile again.


  3. Oh Sandy! How I wish to send you a ((Hug))! You are in my thoughts and prayers.