Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Word to Remember about Forgetting - C.S. Lewis

“About forgetting things, Dr. Johnson said, ‘If, on leaving the company, a young man cannot remember where he has left his hat, it is nothing.  But when an old man forgets, everyone says, Ah, his memory is going.’  So with ourselves.  We have always been forgetting things; but now, when we do so, we attribute it to our age.  Why, it was years ago that, on finishing my work before lunch, I stopped myself only just in time from putting my cigarette-end into my spectacle case and throwing my spectacles into the fire!”
Yours, Jack
C.S. Lewis

I have copied this thought for future reference. It makes me feel so much better about my forgetting things.  I’m only doing what comes naturally; nothing more. (...ok, where was I?)



  1. I love Dr. Johnson! My master's thesis was on his work. Such an interesting man and I am so glad that Jack liked him, too!