Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

My newly purchased A.W. Tozer book arrived from Amazon this past week: Tozer: Mystery of the Holy Spririt.

Personally I find Tozer’s writings to be inspirational, thought provoking and convicting. Rev. James L Synder wrote in his Introduction to this book:

To truly understand Tozer, one must focus on his devotional life. For him, correct doctrine was not enough. He said, “You can be straight as a gun barrel theologically and as empty as one spiritually.” When he preached and taught, he did not stress systematic theology; instead, he emphasized the importance of a personal relationship with God – a relationship so personal and so overpowering as to entirely captivate a person’s attention. He longed for what he called a ‘God-conscious soul’ – a heart aflame for God.

“You can discover , Tozer once instructed, more of the Holy Spirit in five minutes on your knees in adoring worship than five years at a seminary.”

This book, Mystery of the Holy Spirit, is a collection of Tozer’s sermons on the Holy Spririt – given more than half a century ago. I’m certain that Tozer will offer a more indepth look at the Holy Ghost than any I have received up to now. It will be a good study for me.



  1. I haven't heard of him until I read your blog. I wonder if the library can get his book for me? Are you stitching these days??

  2. I have prayed to have the Holy Spirit move me in that that big dramatic moment that many born-again Christians talk about, but it has never happened. Instead, my faith has grown stronger as I have found solace, wisdom and comfort in His word. Maybe my prayers have been answered? The quiet way is much more my style anyway.


  3. My experience has been the same, Jane. Just a steady, personal growth. No "big dramatic moment" for me either.