Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Morning Coffee

As I’ve written here many times before, I love the writings of A.W. Tozer. And currently I’m reading And He Dwelt Among UsTeachings from the Gospel of John. This morning I read this passage:

“Always remember that God is easy to get along with, and if your heart is right, He is not too concerned about the formula. God is kind and good and gracious, because there are some of us that are just too hard to get along with. If God were as hard to get along with as we are, there would be one perpetual quarrel between our souls and God. God has to be easy to live with, and if He knows you mean right, He will let you make all sorts of mistakes and will not care.”

Isn’t that encouraging? How patient and kind He must be to put up with someone like me. It would be good for me to remember that the next time my impatience wants to manifest itself in a very ungracious verbal barrage.   That might just be the time to pour another cup of coffee and chill out a bit.  To be easy to live with - just like God - is a great goal.



  1. Love the thought..... I've found Him to be so in my own life. We have good times together. And it's true, He is easy to live with. And like you, that's how I want to be too.

    Here's to that second cup!