Friday, December 10, 2010

Morning Coffee - Or How Many Socks Do I Need?

A couple of weeks ago, my son and a buddy loaded up on hot pizza, warm dry socks and bottled water and headed to downtown St. Paul to offer these things to those who might need them.  Sadly, there were many takers and their supplies were quickly gone.  Just before they left, a fellow who had been served earlier stopped by again asking if there wasn’t another pair of socks left.  It seems there was a young girl who had just arrived who needed a pair.  Unfortunately, Chris explained, the socks were all gone.  “Thanks, anyway” the man said and then walked over to the young girl and gave her his pair.

I think I need to assess over my coffee this cold Minnesota morning, how many socks do I need before I give a pair away.



  1. You really have me thinking this morning Sandy!


  2. Right along with me, Jane. I'm afraid I don't come close to the compassion shown by this man who by all appearances has absolutely nothing in the way of worldly comforts.

  3. I'm deeply touched by the compassion shown! Wow! Nowadays a cup of coffee from a specialty place will actually buy some warm socks.

  4. Actually only $7.97 at our WalMart will buy you a package of TEN pairs of clean, dry, crew socks - less than a dollar a pair.

    $3.00 will buy a 50x60 fleece throw, rolled up nicely for handing out on a cold winter day.

  5. Oh Lord.... how touching.... and a wonderful reminder of Christmas in action!

    Which reminds me of a story neighbors shared recently. They were on a 'mission' trip to Ukraine... they met a woman in dire need of new eye glasses (hers were in really bad shape -- hanging together mostly by a prayer, I think). When the people wanted to take her to the next town for an eye exam and to get new specs, she replied....

    Oh no, no... You shouldn't worry about me, I I don't need new glasses. There are some people down the street who really could use your help.

    Talk about an unselfish loving 'looking out for one another' heart!

    By the way, those people helped the folks down the street, and the lady still got her new glasses!