Thursday, December 6, 2012

Morning Coffee ~ Making Plans

In my Advent devotion of today, Max Lucado wrote “Joseph….made the big decision of discipleship.  He placed God’s plan ahead of his own.”

This is IT!  Discipleship in 8 words or less: place God’s plan ahead of my own.  In theory it sounds so easy.  Simply rearrange my plans so that God’s are first on my list.  The rest will then fall into place.

But there’s the rub; what are my plans? Do I even have a list of plans?  That would assume that I’ve have actually decided where I am headed and have sealed it in ink.

However that is so not where I am right now – but not for lack of trying.  I want plans.  I want big plans.  I want my life to have direction and meaning and purpose.  And this desire consumes my days.  It’s the first thing I think when I awake in the morning and it’s the last thought on my mind when I finally fall asleep.  What should I be doing?  And I run from pillar to post seeking an answer.

But maybe that’s the real problem. I am working too hard at seeking my own plan.  Maybe the answer is as simple as these words indicate:  place God’s plan ahead - ahead of all things.  Simply place God at the beginning of each day and at the end of each day.  Then - and only then - will His plan for me be made clear.

Time to warm my cup and as I bring my day into better focus.
Merry Christmas!

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